Estate Tag Sales


Estate tag sales maximizes proceeds.  It typically takes 2 weeks to prepare and conduct depending upon already scheduled bookings. 

Our service starts with a Free Consultation with clients or their representatives.

  • Arranging
  • Action
  • Estate Tag Sales
  • Estate Tag Sales
  • Furniture Decor
  • Sort, organize and clean items

  • Appraise and price to maximize volume and proceeds

  • Creatively display items and arrange traffic flow

  • Set aside found family documents, photo’s, medals

  • Create a professional photo gallery

  • Publish gallery on estate antique networks, company website and Facebook

  • Place ads in regional papers

  • Send sale notification to e-mail list

  • Post directional signs on day of sale

  • Options for unsold items include actioneer lot purchase and/or donation to charity

Our service ends with an itemized sales list, rubbish removal and an empty home.

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