Our Services


Family Treasures Estate & Tag Sales, LLC offers a full range of services covering all aspects of personal property liquidation.   Our services are as follows: 

* Accurate evaluation, appraisal, and pricing of sale items is completed to obtain the highest possible return for our clients.

* All sale items are attractively displayed throughout the home to create a pleasant shopping experience.

* Valuable sale items will be placed in a display case closely supervised by a salesperson.

* Family Treasure Sale Signs will be posted in the neighborhood and on key roads to direct & draw people to the sale.

* Sales will be advertised on national estate sale sites, our website, various online sites including Craig's list and other online sale sites to maximize attendance at the sale.  Advertising will include a list of the items for sale and many pictures.

* Sales flyers will be emailed to our repeat customers, antique dealers and shops.

* Sale items will be cleaned as needed to promote their sale.

* Numbers may be used at our sales to assist in managing a large crowd at the start of the sale.  Numbers are usually handed out prior to our sales as specified in the sale flyer.  One number will be distributed per person.  A designated number of people will be let into our sales at a time depending on how large the house is, how many sale items are present, and how quickly customers move through the sale.  We assess each sale and let in as many people as safely possible to keep shoppers and property safe. 

* Family Treasures will assist in cleaning out the home and donating any good, usable items to a local charity or donation center if the client's goal is to have an empty house at the end of the sale.  It will be the client's responsibility to dispose of any unusable items or a fee could be negotiated with Family Treasures Estate & Tag Sales, LLC to dispose of the items. 

* Family Treasures offers certified personal property appraisal services for individuals, families and professionals including accountants, lawyers as well as others dealing with estate and trust valuation.   Our appraisal service can be individualized to meet our client's needs whether it be one item, a collection, or an entire household.  Appraisal fees will be discussed with the client at the initial consultation.

* Family Treasures offers online internet sales for any unique or highly valuable sale item to maximize sales proceeds for our clients.